Juicy Boost Palette from Coloured Raine – Swatch and Review

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From the moment I saw the promo pictures for the new Juicy Boost Palette from Coloured Raine, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

Too dramatic?

Photo of the Juicy Boost palette.
Juicy Boost Flat Lay Palette by Coloured Raine

The concept for this collection originates from the founder’s love for fresh juice, which speaks to me on a personal level.

They really NAILED some of these shades, they look just like the juices they are named after.

This palette is available in two different versions. I picked up the flat lay version. You may also choose the book version – both have the same shades.

I like the flat lay version because I’m an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of person. The other side of the palette would be neglected. Plus, I love the three distinct color stories, which seem lost when the palette is divided.

The left side of the Coloured Raine Juicy Boost Palette.
Juicy Boost Flat Lay Palette by Coloured Raine
The right side of the Coloured Raine Juicy Boost Palette.
Juicy Boost Flat Lay Palette by Coloured Raine

Good news for all you de-potters out there, these pans are magnetic! That’s right, no glue to melt or cardboard to cut. (Which does kinda ruin the fun, am I right?) They do not have the shade names on the back of the pans, so you’d have to add your own if you wanted them.

(I’ll have a video at the end of this post so you can see how the shadows apply!)

The color story.

The Juicy Boost palette is laid out in three rows. The first column are shimmers and pressed glitters, and the rest are smooth buttery mattes.

Each row has its own color theme within the overall concept of fresh juice.

The top row has blues and greens, the middle has pinks, and the bottom has yellows and oranges.

This is especially helpful if you’re not quite sure where to start with such a colorful palette. Though, I am a bit partial to monochromatic looks.

The shimmers.

As far as the shimmer/glitters, the blue (Blueberry Burst) is a more foiled, intense shimmer. The pink (Sweet Ruby) is a pressed glitter with a mixture of big and small pieces. However, the gold (Lemon Wheat Grass) is a more foiled shimmer and looks a bit like a duochrome. I audibly gasped when I swatched it!

When trying the shimmers, I used a glitter primer (this one from e.l.f. Cosmetics). But, I think it would only be necessary with Sweet Ruby, as it is a more chunky glitter.

The mattes.

Patiently waiting on Coloured Raine to restock the Vivid Pigment palette (email notifications are on, you better believe it). So this palette satisfied that craving for bold mattes!

When swatching the palette, I was pleasantly surprised that the lightest shades (like Coconut Water, Cucumber Avocado, and Citrus Zinger) actually showed up on my ghostly arm. The swatches I’ve seen on deeper skin tones are very bright as well!

I love that the palette has bright pinks and a red that are vegan! A lot of red, pink, or purple shadows are not vegan, so that was awesome to see. I wore a look with most of the middle row yesterday and did not notice any staining, which can be a concern with red and pink shadows.

The mattes are soooo easy to blend, which is absolutely essential to the success of a bold colorful look. They also don’t completely blend away, like some more powdery mattes can tend to do.

The swatches.

Without further ado, here are the swatches of the Juicy Boost Palette from Coloured Raine!

A photo of my arm with swatches of the Juicy Boost palette from Coloured Raine. There is a gray door in the background.
Swatches of the Juicy Boost Palette from Coloured Raine.

These are real swatches – no stencils, no going over them 18 times to get an even line, no base or primer. Just my finger in the pan, one swipe. The lighting is from my studio lights that I use to film YouTube videos.

Here are some up-close pics.

Three close-up images of swatches of the Juicy Boost Palette from Coloured Raine. The image on the left is the top row of the palette, the blues and greens. The center image is the middle row of the palette, the reds and pinks, and the image on the right is the bottom row of the palette, the yellows and oranges.
Swatches of the Juicy Boost Palette from Coloured Raine.

The shades in the above photo are grouped by row in the palette and start with the far left shade.

Let me know in the comments if you prefer swatches like this, or the super precise “Instagram-y” ones. I don’t really think the swatches are an indication of performance on the eye, they just showcase the colors.

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Another tutorial with the palette!


Some looks I’ve done using the Juicy Boost palette.

Close-up photo of my eye, wearing green and blue shades from the palette.
Cucumber Avocado, Mint Leaves, Kale Yeah, and Blueberry Burst.
Close-up photo of my eye, using some pink shades from the palette.
Pink Grapefruit, Cranberry Vanilla, Watermelon Detox, and Sweet Ruby.
Close-up photo of my eye, using yellow and orange shades from the palette.
Ginger Bae, Turmeric Shot, Orange Carrot, and Lemon Wheat Grass.

Have you picked anything up from this new collection? Or what are your favorites from Coloured Raine?

(All products are cruelty-free at the time of posting. Products followed by a * are owned by a parent company that tests on animals. See this post for more info on which brands I consider to be cruelty-free.)

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