Master List of Cruelty-Free and Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes

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This list was last updated 2/3/21

It may seem that finding vegan eyeshadow palettes is nearly impossible – but fret not, my friends. There are more than enough options (though more is indeed better).

I’ll be adding to this list as new palettes are released, and when new brands are added to Logical Harmony or Leaping Bunny. See more about which brands I determine to be cruelty-free here.

I do not own most of these palettes, but I will note if I do own them and will add my review and photos.

This will be quite a long list, so if there’s one from a brand that I have forgotten, please drop a comment! Also, I do know that ingredients can change, so make sure to confirm with the brand and the ingredients list. I did my best to double check that the products were marked “vegan” by the brand, as well as read the ingredients.

This is also *not* an extensive list, some brands I just do not feel comfortable promoting, or it was very difficult to determine which products were vegan.

The brand names will be organized alphabetically, to make things easier. Then any new palettes will be added to the top of the brand’s list.

Master List of Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes.

Ace Beaute.

Ace Beaute is a small Black-owned brand, best known for their bold eyeshadow palettes. Logical Harmony approved. I contacted Ace Beaute and they confirmed that all of their palettes are vegan.

Shop Ace Beaute at their site.

Vintage Dawn Palette

Scarlet Dusk Palette

Flair Palette

Paradise Fallen Palette

Blossom Passion Palette

Slice of Paradise Palette

Classical Paradise Palette

Quintessential Palette

Grandiose Palette

Oceanic Palette – I own the Oceanic Palette, and absolutely love the colors and formula. That olive green on the bottom row was made for me (not really), the rest of the shades are a bonus. The formula of these matte shadows is a bit on the drier side with barely any kickup, but still bold and pigmented. The shimmers are lovely on their own, but really pop when applied damp or over a sticky base.

Nostalgia Palette – I own the Nostalgia Palette, and love the assortment of bold colors that I wouldn’t normally pair together. The formula of these matte shadows is a bit on the drier side with barely any kickup, but still bold and pigmented. The shimmers are lovely on their own, but really pop when applied damp or over a sticky base.

Aether Beauty.

Aether Beauty is a small woman-owned brand focused on sustainability and clean ingredients. All of their products are vegan and fully recyclable. Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny approved.

Shop Aether Beauty at Sephora & Credo Beauty

Ametrine Crystal Quad

Topaz Crystal Quad

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Palette

Summer Solstice Palette

Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette

Joshua Tree Palette – I own the Joshua Tree Palette. I really appreciate the bold colorful mattes from a natural brand – they’re few and far between. The formula is almost a semi-matte, the shadows have a slight sheen to them. I wouldn’t call it my favorite formula, but it is nice to have the option of darker, bold mattes.

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie is a Black-owned brand, best known for their Flour Setting Powder and Lip Whips. They do have a large selection of vegan products and have been recently available in Ulta and Target stores. Logical Harmony approved.

Shop Beauty Bakerie at Ulta & Target & their site

Breakfast in Bed Palette

Proof is in the Pudding Palette

Do It for the Graham Palette


Black Moon Cosmetics

Black Moon Cosmetics is an alternative indie brand, best known for their unusual colors of liquid lipsticks. They are a 100% vegan brand and Logical Harmony approved.

Shop Black Moon Cosmetics at their site.

Orb of Light Full Moon Palette

Urban Myth Palette

Black Metal Volume I Palette

Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine is a Black-owned brand, best known for their eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks. Most of their products are vegan, but not all. Logical Harmony approved.

Shop Coloured Raine at their site.

Juicy Boost Pressed Pigment Flat Lay Palette – Both the Flat Lay and Book palettes have the same shades in a different size packaging. I own the Flat Lay palette and love love the mattes, they are very bold and intense. The shimmers really need a sticky base like a glitter glue to stick, but you will still have some fallout. Totally worth it in my opinion, the colors are beautiful.

Juicy Boost Pressed Pigment Book Palette

Vivid Pigments and Shadows Palette – I own the Vivid Pigments and Shadows Palette. I love all of the shades and it’s nice to have an all-matte palette of brights to mix with other shimmers or liquid/cream shadows.

e.l.f. Cosmetics (ELF Cosmetics)

ELF Cosmetics is a staple affordable 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. Logical Harmony approved.

Shop ELF Cosmetics at Ulta & Target & their site.

Mint Melt Eyeshadows (All shades)

Bite Size Eyeshadows (All shades) – I have a few shades of the Bite Size Palettes and the shimmers are gorgeous, the mattes can be a bit finnicky but still well worth it.

Prism Eyeshadow Palette

Clay Eyeshadow Palettes (All shades)

80’s Vibes Eyeshadow Palette

Matte Shadow, Brow, and Liner Palette

70’s Feels Eyeshadow Palette

The New Classics Eyeshadow Palette

Mad for Matte Palettes (All shades) – I’ve previously had the original Mad for Matte, and the Jewel Pop one. I would suggest to go with one of the 18-pan palettes, as the formula is much better. The shades on these seemed to blend away, or blend too well together.

Rose Gold Sunset Eyeshadow Palette

Retro Paradise Palette

Earth & Ocean Palette

Opposites Attract Palette – I own the Opposites Attract Palette. While I get a lot more use out of the warm side, the cool side has a lot of great shades as well. By far my favorite ELF shadow formula.

90’s Mood Eyeshadow Palette

Rose Gold Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Need it Nude Eyeshadow Palette

18 Hit Wonders Palette

Everyday Smoky Eyeshadow Palette


Glamlite is a Black-owned brand, best known for their food themed eyeshadow palettes. They are 100% vegan. Logical Harmony approved.

Shop Glamlite at their site.

Ice Cream Dream Palette – I own the Ice Cream Dream palette, and it is 100% worth the hype. The pastels are bright on any skin tone, the shimmers are so creamy and gorgeous, I love it.

Cake Palette

Paint Palette

Paint PRO Palette

Pie Palette

Chocolate Donut Palette

Glam Donut Palette

Burger Slider Palette

Street Taco Palette – I own the Street Taco Palette. The Glamlite formula is a top favorite. The mattes are bold, pigmented, and blendable, and the shimmers are creamy and apply beautifully without a sticky base or wet brush.

Pizza Palette

Burger Palette

Taco Palette

Pizza Slice Palette – Veggie Lover’s

Pizza Slice Palette – Meat Lover’s

KVD Vegan Beauty

Shop KVD Vegan Beauty at Sephora & Ulta & Their Site

KVD Vegan Beauty is a long-standing, high-performance, cruelty-free brand, and has recently become 100% vegan. Logical Harmony approved.

Edge of Reality Palette

Lethal Cosmetics

Lethal Cosmetics is a small indie brand focused on sustainability and ethical products – best known for their single eyeshadows. They are 100% vegan. Logical Harmony approved.

Shop Lethal Cosmetics at Camera Ready Cosmetics & their site.

(Lethal Cosmetics has an excellent custom palette builder on their site with endless combinations to build your own. I’m listing their pre-made palettes here.)

Jolina Palette

After Dark Palette

Velvet Dusk Palette

Dreamsign Palette

Alchemy + Hysteria Collection

Hive Collection

Skyward and Landfall Collection

Lime Crime

Lime Crime is an alternative makeup brand best known for their Velvetines liquid lipsticks. They are 100% vegan. Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny approved.

Shop Lime Crime at Ulta & their site.

Aura Eye & Face Palette

Glory Eye & Face Palette

Venus Immortalis Eyeshadow Palette

Prelude Chroma Eyeshadow Palette

Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette

Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Greatest Hits Bangers Eyeshadow Palette

Venus XL 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Venus Eyeshadow Palette

Venus 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Greatest Hits Classics Eyeshadow Palette

Prelude Exposed Eyeshadow Palette

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs

LunatiCK Cosmetics is an alternative makeup brand best known for their contour palette and literal bullet-shaped lipsticks. 100% vegan and Logical Harmony approved.

Shop LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs at their site.


Take My Heart

Zombie Defense



Melt Cosmetics

Shop Melt Cosmetics at Sephora & their site

Melt Cosmetics is a semi-alternative makeup brand best known for their “stacks” eyeshadows, and their lipstick in the shade “nood.” Lots of vegan options, though not completely vegan. Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny approved.

Blueprint Palette

Four Twenty Palette

Rust Palette

Smoke Sessions Palette

Twenty Seven Palette

Gun Metal Stack

OFRA Cosmetics

Shop OFRA Cosmetics at Ulta & their site

OFRA Cosmetics is best known for their ultra bright highlighters. 100% vegan and Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny approved.

Pro Palette – Boho

Pro Palette – Free Spirit

Glitch Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Radiant Eyes

Infinite Palette

Glitch 2000 Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Face Pro Palette – Soul

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Galaxy

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Sweet Dreams

Pro Palette – Must Have Mattes

Pro Palette – Bright Addiction

Pro Palette – Dazzling Diamonds

Pro Palette – Summer Edit

Pro Palette – Eyeshadow

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Contour Eyes

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Eyebrow Quintet

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Smokey Eyes

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Irresistable Smokey

Signature Eyeshadow Palette – Exquisite Eyes

Pro Palette – Glow Into Winter

Pro Palette – Mixed Face Makeup

Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica Beauty is arguably best known for their skincare, and they have a selection of makeup products as well. They are 100% vegan and Logical Harmony approved.

Shop Pacifica at Ulta & Target & their site.

Animal Magic Eyeshadow Palette

Beach Crystal Natural Mineral Eyeshadows

Cosmic Reflect Hemp Infused Eye Shadows

Tiger’s Eye Hemp Infused Eye Shadows

Moonflower Otherworldly Eyeshadows

Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows

Crystal Matrix Mineral Infused Eyeshadows

Beachy Punk Mineral Eyeshadows

September Rose Cosmetics

September Rose Cosmetics is a small Black-owned brand best known for their Slush palette. They are 100% vegan and Logical Harmony approved.

Shop September Rose Cosmetics at their site.

Slush Palette – I own the Slush Palette, and it is one of my top favorites. Lots of rainbow color options, and the reds/pinks are some of the most pigmented, yet least staining ones in my collection.

Slush 2 Palette

Brew Palette – I own the Brew Palette and it is a wonderful neutral-ish palette. The shimmer formula in this one leans metallic and I want more shades like that!

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill Cosmetics is an alternative brand, best known for their pill-shaped lipsticks in fun colors. Lots of vegan options. Logical Harmony approved.

Shop Sugarpill at their site.

Capsule Collection – Anniversary Edition

Capsule Collection – C1

Capsule Collection – C2

Capsule Collection – C3

Fun Size Palette

(Sugarpill also has a build-your-own palette option, but not all singles are vegan – they note which ones are not.)

Let us know your favorite vegan eyeshadow palettes in the comments!

Which products or brands should I do a list for next??

Huge list of vegan eyeshadow palettes -
Huge list of vegan eyeshadow palettes -
Huge list of vegan eyeshadow palettes -
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